Monday, May 27, 2024

Potholders Again

A few years ago I made potholders with the Potholder Pro loom and still have a few stashed away.

Not too long ago I put a new hot pad on the countertop before placing the warm dish on it. The Man picked up the woven cloth and said, "This is nice you should make more of these."

Hoo boy, that sounded like crafty encouragement to me.

But, hehe, silly me I had destashed the Potholder looms in 2019 on Ravelry.

But then again, I couldn't let The Man down so I got another Potholder Pro loom and it's been great fun weaving on the little loom again.




Instead of Potholder Loops I weave with Lily Sugar and Cream kitchen cotton yarn held double and I gotta say the colors in my Box-O-Yarn will make many happy hot pads or potholders.