Thursday, May 16, 2024

Half of May

May is flying by, already halfway through the month.

I mailed May's Box-O-Scarves today. The box included twelve Charity scarves as well as Novelty and Fun Fur yarns (goodbye Ladder yarns, goodbye eye-searing Hot Pink). Four of my Guild friends dug out their fat needles to knit a scarf or two. I will have to keep up with making Magic Balls.


I haven't spun in awhile nor have I shared ITW Fiber Club for April, "Season of the Witch". It's a beauty.


The label states "Welsh" as the sheep breed. The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook listed Welsh Mountain and South Wales Mountain sheep together. The book mentioned, "There can be a mix of softer wool with both hair and kemp...". I can attest to that - this is one hairy, kempy sheep.


This fiber is going to be fun to spin outside. I can pluck out the coarse kemp and let the May breeze take it away.