Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Swatch Four

The first day of spring snuck up on me today. It was beautiful outside but I spent most of my day indoors.

My excuse is that I started working on weaving the letters for the 2024 Ena Marston Award ribbon.

I've been poring over my Inkle weaving books, color guides, and reviewing my notes - relearning all the things I've forgotten.

Yesterday I swatched with 5/2 mercerized cotton. It was too thin for my liking. Also the yellow and black together looked like a bumble bee.




By the end of the day I opted to stick with the same yarn - We Crochet, Curio #3 - I used for the 2023 Ena Band.

Today I selected colors and swatched. The dark teal will form the letters with the light gray as background.



It was nice but it needed something more.


Tomorrow I will tweak it one more time, this one is Swatch #4. It might be the winner.