Wednesday, May 17, 2023


The funny thing about Nurses are they always like to see poop. That means things are moving along, yes, pun intended.

So imagine how relieved I am to see Zeke pooping, peeing, burping, and especially chewing cud. You know, all the goaty bodily functions. Zeke has patiently tolerated rectal temperatures, drinking 50 ml of canola oil, lots of Sodium Bicarb, and always coming to the stairs when called to get gas released.


Oily chin and baking soda lips

I'm not sure what caused his bloat so for the time being he's just getting forage hay and pasture, no additional kitchen scraps - fruit or veggies - and no concentrated goat feed in pellet form.

The drawback to not getting the handful of pellets, which our goats love as treats, is I wasn't able to complete his 4th Adequan IM dose, he bolted as soon as he felt the sting of the needle. Apparently forage was not much of an incentive to holding still and getting a shot.

But for now I'm going to take a break and give it a rest. It's been quite a week.