Sunday, October 8, 2017

My Blue Table

Did you happen to notice the way the photos from the Tiny Houses post popped with the vibrant blue background? I wish I could say it was my photography skills. But, nah. The beautiful blue background was my newly painted table that lives outside on the front porch. Last winter the table got very beat up from the wind and rain so The "Only One Color" Man sanded and repainted the table, even (finally) agreeing to use two different shades of blue.

Want to see more (oak) gall popping photos?

Here's a few old galls I found under our oak trees.

Here's the one I found while walking down the driveway. I stopped to chat with my neighbor and after a few minutes I realized she might be wondering what I had hidden in my closed hand. I opened my hand, like a small child, and revealed what I held. I shared my newfound facts about the unique oak galls. I noticed Amie's eyes did not glaze over and she did appear interested.

Surprise, Amie really was listening. She looked up at her small oak tree hanging over us and said, "Oh, look, there's the pink cones you were talking about." I looked up and my mouth dropped open. Her oak tree was full of galls: pink cones on leaves, young oak apples, and black gnarly-looking things. Beautiful stuff.

I brought home a few. I didn't see any exit holes so I'm thinking there's still a critter inside. They really do look like fruit - oak apples - good enough to eat right off of my blue table.