Sunday, July 23, 2017

Spork and Beans

The Summer Series continues whereby the Great Outdoors is calling ~

Last month, The Man double backed to the High Sierras for another solo trip. This time it was a 5-day trek, as in the previous post, he left soon after coming home from our RV trip.

Cell phone reception is sporadic in the high mountains so we're not able to talk every day. When The Man gets me on the phone we'll go over his route together. For the most part his itinerary is made while he's on the road, i.e. - he's "winging it".

During our conversation we go over the direction he's headed and the roads he'd like to take. Map reading is not my strong point but eventually I'm able to follow along using Google Maps. The Man sketches his travel with the aid of his iPad's downloaded maps and the big red California Atlas. From the vantage point of my cushy desk chair I read him the descriptions about campgrounds in the area. While we're talking I take written notes so that I will have his last known whereabouts recorded, you know, just in case.

Monday 6/12/17

5:54 pm

BBQ tri-tip? Don't mind if I do!                        8:16 pm

Tuesday 6/13/17

Young family marveling at the splendor of B. Beenie   9:57 am

Wednesday 6/14/17

8:18 am

B. Beenie anticipating a delicious fresh caught dinner!   6:09 pm

Thursday 6/15/17

B. Beenie marveling at the view from Sherman Pass.   10:23 am

12:41 pm

B. Beenie thanking the road crew for clearing the fallen trees from the road.

3:10 pm

 5:29 pm

Pssst. Am I the only one to observe that The Man opts to leave for solo trips just after spending time with me in our 19-foot travel trailer? Yeah, you're right, silly me, it must be my imagination.