Sunday, July 16, 2017

Out and About: The High Country

 Upper Kern River
Kern County, CA
May 2 - 4, 2017

The Man and I made our first camping trip of the year to the southern Sierra Nevada mountains in early May. We found a dispersed campground along the Kern River called Calkin's Flat.

A dispersed campground is camping anywhere in a National Forest that is not a "maintained campground". Usually there's no services: no water, no outhouse, not even a picnic table. So Calkin's Flat campground was a fancy name for a flat spot along the Kern River. No matter, it's our favorite way to camp (no neighbors) and the price is right (free).

We set up our campsite by gathering rocks and building a fire pit for later in the evening.

Then - quite suddenly - the silence was broken by the roar of jets. The training maneuvers lasted about 30 minutes before the jets returned to Edwards Air Force Base. (I waited much longer hoping for their return.) The next day we were ready for the airshow, sitting comfortably in our camp chairs with our drinks and snacks.

The Kern River was running high, fast, and turbulent with the early snowmelt. It was not conducive conditions for catching trout, not even a nibble.

The next day we left the travel trailer behind and pointed the truck towards the high country.

We climbed higher and higher through twisty mountain roads and switchbacks. It was a good decision to leave the travel trailer behind.

From the road The Man spotted a quiet stream and we stopped to check it out. I found a pine-shaded spot to sit and knit while The Man wandered off with his fishing pole. It didn't take long for him to return with dinner in hand.

Fresh-caught trout cooked by campfire. Delicious.

It was a quick trip and the next day we reluctantly headed home.