Saturday, August 20, 2016

Eagle Blessed

The Man's big red barn is finally finished and it's a beauty. It's been a long drawn out process of people showing up - or not showing up - since the end of June. The animals have not been too keen about being locked up and the goats were very vocal about it. (Heeeyyy, whaaat's the biiig deal?)

My personal request for the barn was a cupola with a classic rooster weather vane. The Man sent me a text after it was installed, "Hope you like eagle windvanes." I thought he was kidding.

8/20/16 10:50am

8/20/16 10:51 am

While I was taking the photos of the cupola this morning I glimpsed a black and white bird overhead. My heart fluttered. Camera in hand, I ran to a clearing beyond the oak trees. It was a bald eagle.

8/20/16 11:02 am

8/20/16 11:02 am

8/20/16 11:02 am

Well. Okay then. Eagle weather vane it is.