Friday, May 6, 2016

Fluff Piece

Call me crazy but I like to knit cotton dishcloths.

Why? you may ask.

Well, they make great little Made-by-Me-for-You gifts. Secondly, they're all-purpose, recyclable, and when they get too grungy - disposable. I find dishcloths to be easy-peasy potato chip knitting, which means, mindless auto-pilot knitting and you can't knit just one.

But the best reason of all: The Man gets so embarrassed when I give them away and the giftee is trying to figure out what the heck it is. Um, gee, yeah, well, um, thanks.... (Cracks me up all the time.)

This past Christmas I knitted up a whole bunch of dishcloths.

Which brings me to my story. All those cotton dishcloths I've been making over the years have generated little leftover cotton yarn balls and we all know that fibery folk will not (can not) toss out "useable" yarn no matter how small the amounts.

A couple of years ago I hung up a round bird feeder and stuffed it with 4 inch strands of the cotton yarn for birds to use for their nest building.

From my kitchen window I've spied an occasional bird helping themselves to my yarn scraps but not as much activity as I had hoped. This past rainy season the cotton strands turned into a moldy mass of wetness.

I threw the yucky yarn out and reloaded the nesting ball with soft fluffs of fiber from the goats as they shed their downy winter undercoats.

Looks like I'll need to find another use for my cotton yarn scraps.