Sunday, March 13, 2016

River Walk: Along the Salinas

Last week's Pineapple Express delivery c/o El Nino provided several inches of much needed rain.

The local news reported a story about the Paso Robles police warning homeless folk living in encampments along the Salinas river to evacuate because of potential flooding.

After years of drought, some of the "homeless" have gotten quite comfortable living next to the river.

The Tribune

Back in December we started taking the dogs for walks along our own home stretch of the Salinas.

The trails we frequent are shared with horseback riders, motorcycle and ATV enthusiasts, and folks just desiring an undeveloped open space for their dogs to run off-leash without getting into too much trouble.

For us, keeping the dogs out of "trouble" means not allowing them to run near the train tracks or slipping beneath the barbed wire fence to run across private ranch land - a shootable offense. Unfortunately both activities seem to rank very high on the dogs' "To Do" list.

Or maybe it's their Bucket List.

Except for scaring the occasional rabbit we usually have the place to ourselves.

Our last river walk was back in January. On that warm and sunny day no water remained in the main channel but there were signs that water had flowed.

It's about time.