Sunday, March 27, 2016

Golden Egg

I was recently gifted a souvenir chocolate egg from Europe. My friend said there was a toy inside as I shook the egg and heard the rattle of an object. Cool beans, how fun.

I did a google search for "Kinder" and found out the candy eggs are banned from importation into the United States. The Kinder Surprise eggs have been banned because the little toy was a choking hazard, even though the toy is separated from the chocolate layer by an inner plastic shell. There is a monetary fine if you cross into the U. S. with the chocolate contraband.

My little 1.1 oz egg may be worth it's price in gold if the U.S. Custom Police should arrive at my door. Though, you know, it won't be much of a hardship to get rid of the evidence. Just gotta remember to wipe the smile (and the chocolate) off my face.

Happy Easter Everyone.