Saturday, January 16, 2016

Any Old Wind

Last week I mentioned in passing - oh, so casually - that I acquired yarn for Christmas.

This is what I wrote, " (Ahem) Yarn. A crazy good deal on Noro Kogarashi - silk and wool blend, bulky-weight yarn. . . ."

This is what I meant, "ZOMG! I love Little Knits! My virtual LYS (local yarn store)! They offered, I succumbed. Three full bags, five skeins per bag. Noro Kogarashi yarn at 7% off, oops, that's not right. I mean 70% off. Yes, that's right! The yarn normally retails for $20 per skein. Yowzers!"

So what to do with chunky yarn? And not just any ol' chunky yarn but Eisaku Noro's chunky yarn? First you gotta know that Noro yarn translates to: vibrant saturated colors, long, slow striping, and rustic, loosely-plied texture. Oh, yeah, and the occasional vegetative matter. (It ain't synthetic fiber, that's for sure.)

So it's all about the yarn. Keep it simple. Easy-peasy.

By the way, I google searched the translation of Kogarashi. I'm pretty sure Eisaku Noro named his yarn "cold wintry wind", rather than after a weird manga character which also popped up in the google search. At least I hope so. Those Japanese - aren't they a hoot*? (*Hoot: Someone that does something funny, or does something out of the ordinary.)

She'll go sailin' off on any old wind that blows.   Johnny Cash/Dick Feller wrote.