Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fairly Lucky

The California Mid-State Fair, our county fair, came to an end last Sunday after a 12-day run.

I requested to be off my usual Wednesday workday so I could experience the annual Cattle Drive. On opening day the cattle and horseback riders travel through the streets of Paso Robles to the gates of the Fairgrounds.

Last year, The Man and Z. were nearly run over and I thought that would be fun to see. Well, not the trampled upon part, just the parade of cows walking through the streets, front lawns, gardens, you know . . . wherever they want to go. Yeehaw.

Sadly, no such luck. A few days before the event we read that due to "logistical issues" there would be no annual Cattle Drive. The property for staging the cattle and horse riders had been sold (for future development) and no longer available for use. Sigh. I hope there's a Plan "B" in the works for next year.

So, anyway, last Thursday, we got to the Fair an hour before the gates officially opened at noon.

We tried to get there early for Swine Showmanship but by the time we arrived it was over as evidenced by Cora's 4-H hog, Sassy, chillin' and relaxing in her pen. We said a quick hello and goodbye to Sassy and left to check out the rest of the happenings:

The Beef Barn

 Decisions, decisions: Deep fried bacon wrapped pickles or Deep fried bacon wrapped jalapenos.

The very eclectic, homey, sometimes strange (but always interesting) Home Arts exhibits

Sheep relaxing in the Mutton Bustin' arena before the Wool Riders (6 years old and younger) show up.

After a late lunch of BBQ pork sandwiches we walked back to our car which was parked in the "shade" of a big oak tree, it was 103°. Time to head home.

The next evening we returned to the fair. A lot more people on a not-so-hot Friday night.

We went to see The Mavericks in concert. They were playing two free shows. We saw them two years ago, also a "free with paid admission show". Lucky us.


 And, hey, it was a blue moon (second full moon of the month).

Wait, there's more: the International Space Station passed right over us. The Man subscribes to Spot the Station and had received an email earlier in the day. It lets him know where and when to look in the night sky for the ISS (cough, cough, geek).

Time: Fri Jul 31 9:30 PM, Visible: 6 min, Max Height: 59 degrees, Appears: WSW, Disappears: NE

Okay, my photo shows only a speck (um, top left of the banner, yeah, that one) but, hey, it's still cool beans. C'mon, The International Space Station. Lucky us.

And you know that Deep fried pickle wrapped in bacon? Never got a chance. Lucky me, there's always next year at "The Biggest Little Fair Anywhere".