Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good Eats

The little bit of rain we had on Halloween provided tasty surprises for the animals.

Nowadays, the Goaty Boys are much too big to climb trees so a broken oak branch laden with tender oak leaves and yummy moss is a rare treat.

The Man noticed the Girls pacing back and forth, staring outside of their pen. He went to check on them and noticed the ground moving with tiny insects. They looked like ants with wings.

I arrived at the pen just in time to see the chickens pick off the last of the swarm. We all watched the Girls pecking happily away. I held Mattie on her leash just a few feet away from the Girls and after a few minutes The Man took Mattie off her leash. It was the first time. Mattie didn't seem to care that she and the Girls were no longer separated by wire and I guess the Girls were too busy to notice.

It's been over a week and the Girls are once again free-ranging (which is supposed to make for better eggs). Maybe it will help them start laying regularly again. Currently, we're only getting one egg per day from either Tandy or Mrs Bond.

I'm also happy to report that Mattie has not tried to sample a new tasty delicacy: fresh chicken.

Tandy, a good girl, still laying every other day.