Sunday, November 23, 2014

Frozen Food

If you peeked into my freezer right now you would find various meats waiting to be turned into delicious meals: lamb chops for the grill, chicken breast for burritos or enchiladas, and beef stew meat for  . . . well, beef stew.

You would find three packages of Swiss cheese, six pounds worth, for sandwich-making. They were on sale at Costco; the Checkout person commented, "You must really like cheese!"

You would see fresh fruit vacuum-sealed at their peak of sweetness: strawberries from the farmer's market last summer, and magenta-colored dragon fruit flown in from Maui yesterday with The Man's Mom. The Man's sister grows the dragon fruit in her Upcountry Maui garden. (Thank you Connie for the home-grown yummy goodness.)

You would also find two gallon-sized Ziploc bags of luscious yummy yarn. Yes, yarn. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in hand-dyed happy crazy colors and Malabrigo lace-weight skeins in colorways of greens, blues, and purples - of which I hope to make more woven pooled scarves.

The yarns are not in the freezer because my stash has runneth over or because I'm hiding them from The Man. Rather, they're in quarantine, a little time out before they join up with my regular yarn stash. The freezing cold will kill off any hitchhikers - nasty moths or moth babies - that feast on natural woolie fibers.

Bon app├ętit ~ but not for you little larvae.

(The Man just asked me why there's a book in the freezer. That, is another story.)