Friday, October 31, 2014

Under Cloudy Skies

It's a big deal. We're expecting rain today.

For the past week, we've been watching the elements of a storm system coming together. Though unlike the slow steady flow of lava closing in on the Big Island homes, we gladly welcome this other force of nature.

After all, it's been 188 days since we last saw measurable rainfall. On April 26th we received a torrential third of an inch. When you consider that we report our rainfall as "tenths of an inch" or "hundredths of an inch", it's not hard to understand our excitement.

Consider also that our annual average rainfall is a mere 18 inches, well, the possibility of half-an-inch to (gasp!) two inches would certainly be a treat.

Truthfully, it's hard not to roll my eyes and snicker when I hear that we're on "storm watch". After all, I am from Kaneohe, Oahu - with almost fifty inches of annual rainfall.

Instead, I think we should say T minus 5 hours.

Happy Halloween: No trick, all treat.