Sunday, October 19, 2014

Playing With Cotton String

With the success of my first pooled warp I was eager to start another weaving project. I spent many moments online this past week coveting the beautiful hand-dyed Lorna's Laces yarn. But before I purchased more yarn I thought I'd better take a look in my own Stash first.


Lo and behold, I was pleasantly surprised to find yarn that I thought would work. I had purchased 10 single skeins of Cuddly Cotton Multi, 100% cotton made in Romania, from Little Knits (it was 82% off - a Super Sale - how could I resist?). When I untwisted a skein I found that the yarn had been dyed creating bands of color that lined up, a palindrome skein.

Unfortunately, a single skein was not enough for the wider, shawl-like, project I had in mind. So I took two similar colored skeins and was able to warp them in a coordinating color pattern.

                               I used these guys     ^   ^

Woohoo, so far, so good. It could be amazing or it could be a disaster (I'm hoping for amazing).


This time I'm using lace-weight yarn for the weft. I figured this way I wouldn't be covering up the beautiful vibrant warp colors with thick yarn. I'm not certain about the mix of fibers though - 100% cotton and 100% Merino wool, but . . . what the hey.

Deep Stash 2009: DIC, Baby, colorway "Petal Shower" (1 of 2)

Lastly, I had to borrow some Man Tools while warping the Flip Loom. The weight of my sewing machine and two 4 lb hand weights were not a match for the cotton warp's tension and I found the loom's stand tilting. I used a couple of The Man's dive belts for counterbalance.

Boy, those two dive belts were heavy! I think if The Man wants them back he'll need to come get them from upstairs. They'll be right next to the plunger, I mean, felting fiber tool.