Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Log Splitter: The Machine

Back in February of last year I wrote about The Man wielding his trusty axe to chop wood to heat our home and how it would eventually lead to pain and suffering. His pain; my suffering - I would have to be his in-home private duty nurse.

So we decided that it would be prudent (and beneficial to our marriage) to buy a log splitter rather than have The Man injure himself. Of course he loved the idea of buying more man tools. And, a log splitter, yee haw, such a He-Man robust tool!

But before The Man got too far researching his purchasing options our friend Jerry said he had a friend giving away a log splitter. Jerry's friend had sold his home and needed to remove some machinery from the property. (Red flags: "giving away" and "needed to remove".)

The next weekend, the guys brought the log splitter home.


It was an understatement to say it needed work and maybe a few new parts. But the machine started up right away, sounded strong, and, hey, it was free.

It took about a month till The Man was satisfied with the way the log splitter was running. He parked it across from the animal pen and got to work. He had an ample supply of oak after firescaping and creating a defensible space around our home.


Wyatt helping out.

The log splitter might not be pretty but it sure is a log-killing machine. A workhorse, just like The Man.