Sunday, January 26, 2014

Oh, I Wish it Would Rain

Last weekend, we took the bikes out for a ride around Laguna Lake Park in SLO. The Man lifted both bikes over a fence allowing us to ride on the Open Space area. (A young female jogger said, "Wow" when she saw this feat of masculine strength. Yeehaw.)

The landscape was another shocking reminder of how drought-stricken SLO County has become. Presently this is our third year of little to no rain during our so-called "wet" season. Earlier this month the Governor declared California in a drought emergency.

Laguna Lake Open Space 1/19/14

Open Space in Greener Times     City of SLO photo

It was nice to see that Laguna Lake is still a viable destination for wintering and/or migratory birds. In the waning daylight we were lucky to see this large raft of American White Pelicans.


Our own Atascadero Lake has dried up and left most of the lake bed exposed. On our last visit we did see several different types of waterfowl: geese, ducks, grebes, and a few herons. Not sure how much longer they'll be there if the Lake continues to shrink. 

Atascadero Lake with exposed lake bed.

My daily mantra has become, "I wish it would rain".