Saturday, November 2, 2013

Impeckable Timing

I am happy to report that The Girls are growing some mighty fine looking feathers. Baby (Frankenchicken) is looking sleek and shiny; her new feathers are a deep dark auburn color. Sweetness (aka Countess Dracluckula) still looks a bit scruffy but otherwise healthy.

More good news: The Peeps have started laying eggs. We received our first egg a week ago, three days before their six-months-old birthday. So far we've received five good-sized creamy brown eggs.

Cafe Au Lait eggs

All the eggs were found in the pen: one on the ground and four in the Igloo dog house. I'm not sure what possessed The Man to look in there but I'm glad he did.

I suspect Brandy is the egg layer. For a couple of days she's been doing the Chicken Squat. But on the other hand, both Brandy and Mrs Bond have been loudly singing the Egg Squawking Songs. For all I know they could both be sharing the Igloo.

Buff Orpingtons: Tandy (l) and Brandy (r)

"My name is Bond. Mrs Jane Bond."  (Barred Plymouth Rock)