Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bits and Bobs: Using it All

I've mentioned my yarn stash before.  So now it looks like my stash has a stash ~
  • single skeins of yarn (what was I thinking?)
  • souvenir yarn ("grab and go")
  • small balls of leftover yarn - too little to make anything, too much to throw away.
You get the picture.
And, besides, fiber folk don't won't can't throw anything away.

I thought I would take some of those odds and ends and knit up charity scarves.  I cast on 250 stitches on size US 10 needles that took forever.  It just about put me to sleep.  Then I started knitting long rows of garter stitch.  Again, it just about put me to sleep.  I was shooting for 4" wide by 60" long and ended with 3.75" by 72".  Good enough, I had to stop.

Long Skinny Scrappy Scarf

There had to be another way to use up the scraps.  A quicker less boring way.

I dusted off my 10" Cricket Loom -it's been awhile- and gathered all the bits and bobs of yarn: acrylic, alpaca, cotton, lambs wool, merino wool, mohair (looking at you Souvenir yarn), silk blends, and various other yarn blends.

Scrappy Woven Scarf

Souvenir Yarn Section

I love how the woven scarf turned out and I'm making a wee bit of progress using up the stash, inch by inch.  Good thing too since I just received another box of yarn and I'm embarrassed that it was so heavy and huge.  I mean humongous!  SABLE here I come.

Yikes, more yarn!