Saturday, September 14, 2013

Road Scholar

It's been many many moons since I've owned a bicycle.  It's been even longer since I've ridden one.  Though I have owned several bicycles over the years.

I remember a tricycle.  Memorable because I was stung by the bee that was sitting quietly on the handlebar that I reached for.  Right hand, middle finger.  Zing!

A Schwinn teal-colored stingray was my second bicycle.  I was in the fourth grade, it was my birthday present.  The next day I rode it from the top of our street downhill as fast as I could.  It wasn't aligned or something and started to fish-tail.  Crash!  Chipped a front tooth and broke my left arm.  Our neighbor carried me home.

My next bike was another Schwinn.  This one a green ten-speed I named Kilikikopa.  I frequently rode it from our Kaneohe Bay Drive home to various Kailua beaches.  Amazingly, no injuries that I recall.

A right-of-way path . . . 

leading to a favorite uncrowded Kailua beach.

In 198-, The Man bought a Specialized Hardrock Mountain bike for my birthday from Art's Cyclery when they were newly opened in Los Osos.  It didn't go over very well as a surprise gift because I thought he had forgotten my birthday and was angrily cleaning the house when he showed up with the teal-colored bicycle and a birthday cake.  (It was my first and last surprise gift from The Man.)

A few years later, while we were visiting family in Hawaii, this same bike was stolen out of our garage when our house-sitter forgot to close the garage door.  After we reported it stolen it was found abandoned at the local middle school.   It was returned to me, sans water bottle, but otherwise entirely intact.  I remember the deputy sheriff went away happily with our heartfelt thanks, chocolate covered macadamia nut candy, and several cans of roasted macnuts from our recent trip.

My off-road biking days are over.  Well, truth be told I remember doing it once and I thought I was going to die.  Literally.  The Man never suggested mountain biking again.

Cerro Cabrillo Trails is a 4.1 mile loop trail located near Morro Bay, California. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking, mountain biking & rock climbing.

Sadly, the teal-colored bicycle did not make the trip back to California.  We watched the neighborhood kids walking the bike to their home up the street.  And, yes, The Man made sure they asked their parents before they brought home a bicycle in need of TLC.  A whole lot of TLC.  We never did see it again.

The Man took better care of his Hardrock Mountain bike and has been riding it around the neighborhood.  It too needs some TLC but at least it's still ridable.  Though that may be debatable since the seat looks very questionable to me, let's just say it doesn't look very comfortable.

A month ago I got it in my head that if I had a bicycle (again) we could ride together.  And wouldn't that be fun?  The Man tried his darndest to dissuade me, but to no avail.

A week ago we brought home my Electra Townie 7D.  It's called a Granny Comfort bike.

Vanilla color - - delicious.

The bike is made for cruising paved bike paths of which there are many in the county.  I'm sure I can handle that.  But before I do I'm getting a helmet.