Sunday, September 22, 2013

Flying the Friendly Skies

The Man and I have flown the coop.  Literally.  Right now we're up in the air, and yeehaw, it's a bumpy ride.  Later, when I post this we'll have (hopefully) made it to Newark, the Garden State, New Jersey.  The Man is going for work; I'm not.  My simple agenda- eat/sleep/knit/relax/read/knit.  At least for the two days while he's working.  Then, midweek we'll be taking day trips to New York City via train and ferry for a little sight-seeing.

The hardest part of packing for me was deciding how many skeins of yarn to bring.  Just the thought of running out of yarn makes me lightheaded.  Needless to say I think I'll be all right for our one week away from home.

Home . . . The Man's sister and her husband from Maui have generously volunteered to be our house-sitter/pet-sitter/livestock-catcher while we're gone.  Let me repeat, they volunteered.  I hope they enjoy themselves.  I guess we'll find out if and when they ever offer to do it again.