Monday, July 12, 2021

A Rainbow on Gray Cloth

Gray Goods: fabric that is freshly off the loom, woven but unfinished

April 1, 2021

The 7-yard JST Muted Color warp has been woven and cut off the loom. It's beautiful.

The next step in the process is finishing which means checking and repairing any weaving errors then washing/drying/pressing the fabric. Since all my hems are hemstitched I won't need to worry about fraying when I give the cloth a nice hot bath and air dry.

Eventually I'll cut the eight sections apart and figure out how I want to finish my hems. But for now I'm enjoying the pleasure of gazing upon my colorful woven cloth.



Happy Spring 2021


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July 12, 2021

My, it's been awhile.

So the cloth - most likely dish towels -  has been washed and they're sitting by the sewing machine waiting to be finished.

Yep, the gray cloth is still waiting but I'm at least going to finish this blog post and hit the publish button.

Er, Happy Summer 2021