Sunday, August 5, 2018

Record Breaking

It's been sizzling hot for the past two weeks around SLO county. The sun has been relentless from dawn to dusk.

7/29/18 6:28 am

7/28/18 7:53 pm

Today, Paso Robles - just north of us - broke their 13 hot days record set in 1961. Paso's 105° temperature today marked 14 consecutive days of triple-digit heat. That is, 14 days and counting, this weekend was supposed to be a "cool down" and temps are expected to rise even higher all next week.

So far the highest temp we've seen has been 106°. The day after that scorcher we packed the dogs up and headed to Cayucos beach. It was cool, misty, and foggy and we enjoyed the five hours we were there. It surprised the heck out of us when we got home to see that we got very dark (me) and very red (The Man) from the little amount of sun we saw. Oops, no sunscreen.

7/26/18 11:47 am

Closer to home the heat is taking a toll on the oaks, lots of freshly dropped branches around the property.

A deer family: a small buck, a doe and her twins have been drinking from the buckets close to the pen. The buck came out of the pen licking his lips - he might have gotten into the goats' free-choice minerals in the goat house. I think he was smiling.

Luckily the high heat doesn't seem to bother the goats; they continue doing their job.

Hmmm,  is it my imagination or does it look like Boots is also getting a deep dark tan.