Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pinching Out Suckers

Right now it's 57° outside and the windows and doors are open, a slight breeze stirs the cool air inside the house. The early morning cool down helps to keep our well-insulated home comfortable through the heat of the day and we rarely need to turn the AC on. Another hot day is expected, 100° and upwards.

My animal chores are done: everyone has been fed, the goats and chickens are out and about, all the water buckets have been refilled.

In just a bit I'll go back outside to water my small garden. The volunteer heirloom cherry tomatoes are thriving. Last year I planted Yellow Pear and Chocolate Cherry tomatoes so I'm not sure what's coming up. I didn't intend to grow reseeded plants from last year's crop but I dithered too long and there they were. They took well to being transplanted to their own pots and I already see a couple of teeny tiny tomatoes.

As I pass by an open window I notice the air smells clean. Last evening the air was thick with smoke from a 1500+ acre grass fire north of us. It was the third fire in two days situated at the training area at Camp Roberts. The first fire occurred just past midnight, I caught the whiff of it at 2 am. Luckily the first two fires were put out quickly. Hopefully they'll be able to put out the "Yankee Fire" as easily as pinching out tomato suckers.

Hello first day of summer, 2018.