Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sleep Tight

Every evening, before the sun sets, the whole group - people, dogs, and goats - head down the driveway for ball throwing, ball chasing, and an evening meal. When the sun disappears behind the hills the group heads up Bird Lane to the pen.

In last week's post I mentioned that the animals' enclosure is secured with an electrified fencing wire that encircles the pen as well as gates and doors that keep everyone locked in for the night. When we get to the pen "the goats split up into two groups, run into their own houses, and eagerly await their pan of COB."

We do this every day, it's our nightly routine.

Last Friday, June 9th, the Game Camera took videos of felines frolicking near the pen. We're glad our animals were safe in their houses and not invited to the party.

Neighbor's Kitty 12:03 am

Bob Cat 10:29 pm

Mountain Lion 10:54 pm