Sunday, May 21, 2017

Nesting Zone

A few days ago I surprised a little bird while raking the narrow space between the house and the raised garden bed.

I wouldn't have thought too much about it except the bird, a Dark-eyed Junco, didn't fly away. It hovered close by and tsk-tsked angrily at me.

Which made me curious.

I moved my rake aside, contorted myself into the small space, and peeked under the wooden overhang.

The Lil Mama was watching me (still tsking) as I moved away from her nest.

Since then I've learned that I can water the garden and move quietly around the planter area without disturbing the Lil Mama off her nest.

Yesterday morning as I watered the garden The Man rapped on the window and made wavy motions with his hand. What? Oh.

I grabbed a stick to detour the garter snake away from the Nesting Zone. I hope the Lil Mama and her eggs will be okay because, you know, snakes can't read.