Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hola, Blanca

Tuesday morning
Yesterday our home thermometer read a high of 100°, Paso Robles hit 105° - hot - but it didn't break the record of last year's 106°. I was fortunate to be at work in A/C Wonderland.

Today, it's another story entirely. We're experiencing the remnants of Hurricane Blanca moving north from Baja. Right now it's overcast and breezy and we have a possibility of -gasp- rain. Not a heck of a lot expected but we welcome any bits of moisture to help stave off the hot dry weather of summer and wildfire season.

The sky was getting darker as I walked down to the pen. I noticed the Boys lowering their heads and the Ladies ruffling their feathers. I wasn't imagining things, I could feel rain sprinkles and so could they. I lifted my arm to The Man and shouted, "Rain drops!" He looked up from what he was doing - didn't see any cold drinks or yummy goodness in my hands - and went back to working on the tractor.

I took out the rain gauge from the garden shed (wiped off the cobwebs) and stuck it in the middle of the front yard. You know, wishful thinking.

I hope it's another good sign but I just saw Molly head into the shelter of her pet igloo.

Santa Barbara county and the eastern hills and valleys of the Central Coast received measurable rain as well as lingering thunderstorms with some flooding. For us, nada. Well, it sprinkled, or I should say we got a few drops of rain (count 'em).

Adios, Blanca, muchas gracias.