Saturday, April 4, 2015

Cache Me If You Can

You gotta come see this.
What is it?
You have to see it.
(sigh) Just tell me what it is.
No, really, come here.
Oh my gosh! You gotta be kidding me!

So here's the thing: I enjoy my free-roaming chickens. It makes me smile to look out my window and see them anywhere and everywhere. But when I see them on the back deck, not so much.

It's mostly Sophia, the Speckled Sussex hen, who hangs around the deck. When The Man lets her out of the coop in the mornings she makes a beeline to the back deck in order to bully Molly away from her cat food. By the time I come downstairs, all I find is an empty cat bowl, and a little blob of chicken poop.

I asked The Man to make a barrier to keep the chickens off the back deck. The challenge was to continue to allow Molly her free access. He added an additional 2x4 to the gate but he didn't think it would be enough. I assured him chickens weren't that smart and wouldn't think to go around it.

I was wrong. It didn't stop Sophia for a moment.

Yesterday, she was back again. I chased her around the back deck hoping she'd use the same gap to escape. After a while, when she didn't, I opened the gate door and let her pass through. At that time, I noticed Molly's shade cloth had fallen off her pet igloo.

As I replaced it, I noticed . . .

So, it looks like Sophia has been spending a lot more time on the back deck than I thought. She's never been a good layer but lately I had been complaining to The Man that her egg count had been zero. Molly's bed contained 10 small, skinny, pointy eggs - Sophia's eggs.

Moving back in.

Molly and her igloo eggloo

Well, I'm 99.9% sure that it's the Speckled hen's eggs. 

Okay, never mind,  I'm 100% sure.

Sophia, smarter than she looks.

Happy Easter, 2015.