Monday, December 29, 2014

Apples Galore: Fruit and Fiber

We're fortunate to live in an area with fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. It's been almost three years since we joined our local CSA and have been receiving a weekly produce box of farm-to-our-table yummy goodness.

If that wasn't enough, we're even luckier to have friends who are willing to share their own home-grown deliciousness.

A couple of years ago The Man bought me an apple peeler to keep up with the annual bounty from Jerry and Jan's apple trees. This year I'm saving a step and not peeling the apples.

The core and the buggy parts are cut out and saved for the Goaty Boys and the Girls. The unblemished skin-on-slices gets tossed into a big pot with a bit of water (to prevent scorching) and it slowly simmers and softens on the fireplace's cook top.

Apples for everyone: no waste at our house.

An unwatched pot.

A few swipes with the immersion blender purees the apples and peels into a smooth, creamy applesauce.

Yesterday's project was making fruit leathers with the applesauce in my new Nesco Dehydrator.

The dehydrator came with two fruit leather trays and I used parchment paper with the other three trays. The parchment paper doubled as a wrapper. I just cut, rolled, and secured.

Easy-Peasy and tasty too.