Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Lineup

Somebody chewed off the cables from The Man's earbuds. Luckily, it was the economical earphones he uses while working outside not the Apple EarPods. This "somebody" came into the garage, jumped up on the garage work bench, and took off with the earbuds.

To determine the culprit we rounded up the usual suspects.

We waited a few minutes to really let them sweat it out. It didn't take long before everyone's composure broke down (from right to left).

  • Duke ~  staring at the camera for a full headshot, as brazen as ever.
  • Wyatt ~ wondering why he's there . . . or thinking of food.
  • Mele ~  wanting us to know she's a good dog and doesn't do bad things.
  • Zeke ~  guileless but guilty; it's written all over his hidden face.