Sunday, December 29, 2013

Milk and Cookies

Every once in a while you click with someone instantly. It's as though you've known that person for a long time even though you've just met. Barbie and I clicked when she started working a 12-week Traveling Nurse assignment. When her time was up and before she started her trek back to Texas, I was able to knit her a Cable Lace hat with Leche yarn. It turned out pretty well and I'm sure it will keep her nice and warm this winter.


Before she left she baked Christmas goodies for us: a variety of cookies and biscotti. It was doubly-good since she forgot to bring it when she came over and made another trip over The Grade the next day just to bring us her delicious gifts.  We tried to dissuade her but we're glad she returned with the baked treats.

Barbie, my friend, Happy Trails to you….