Friday, March 22, 2013


(Omiyage: souvenir of a local product, preferably edible; "it's the thought that counts".)

Omiyage gift-giving is big in Hawaii and Trader Joe's has been our one-stop shopping destination when we visited the Mainland.  Family, neighbors, and co-workers all received the yummy goodness of specialty food items such as dried fruit (Dragonfruit and Hibiscus Flowers), dried nuts (Sesame Honey Almonds), and dark chocolate covered anything.

Since we moved back to California we've only been to Trader Joe's a couple of times.  Imagine my surprise to hear two different people refer to Trader Joe's as their primary grocery store.  In the same week.  John, in New Mexico, mentioned to The Man that TJ was cheaper than their other grocery stores.  This I had to see.

Last Sunday, I dragged The Man to our nearest Trader Joe's, a mere 10 minutes away, and with a small list we proceeded to "regular" grocery shopIn addition to bananas, tomatoes, and white mushrooms we added a few items with flair - Dried Kimchee, California EVOO, Tomato & Olive FocacciaThirty-seven items in our cart for $137.00.  I have a feeling this may be the beginning of a wonderful new relationship.

Here's the beef . . . pork, chicken, and lamb.