Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Log Splitter: The Man

Last winter, our first winter on the Mainland, was an eye-opener and a wallet-opener.  Mentally we were prepared for the cold, physically, not so much.  I was cold all the time.  As a result we heated the house to a cozy 75 degrees.  Day and night.  Imagine our shock and dismay when we received the first electric bill.   A month later, the second bill was only slightly lower.

So Pretty, So Cold
We promptly installed an efficient wood-burning insert into our 1980's fireplaceWe bought a cord of wood, sharpened the axe, and learned to build a fire.  A good fire.  A fire that does-not-leave-creosote-in-your-chimney-that-could-burn-your-house-down kind of fireA very hot fire.  Not an easy task it seems.

Now, that's a fire!

During the spring and early summer months The Man performed major tree trimming to ensure the property was fire-safe and in the process harvested quite a bit of wood.  We have different varieties of trees on the property but they're all Oak - solid, hard, tough-to-cut wood.  Especially when The Man is impersonating "Mr Lumberjack With An Axe and a Chainsaw".

We got wood

I have been urging (ahem, nagging) The Man to buy a log splitter which although pricey would be cheaper than Rotator Cuff Repair surgery, physical therapy, pain, and (my) suffering.  Of course, he loved the idea of more Man Tools.

~ ~ to be continued~ ~
The Log Splitter: The Machine