Monday, December 3, 2012

Weather Report: Rain

It seems like it's been raining for weeks now but it's probably only been a few days here and there since Thanksgiving.  Mostly it's been a drizzly off and on rain here on the Central Coast not nearly the severe weather they're seeing further north.  I like rainy days and we call it my "dream day" as long as I don't have to leave for work or go outside for that matter.  Having the animals changes things up a bit since the rain seems to make everyone miserable especially the Goaty Boys.  My new rain boots from came in the nick of time and they've been getting a workout unlike The Man's rubbah slippahs.

And speaking of Thanksgiving . . . I was supposed to work the day before and the day after which just left Thursday and though I wanted turkey (and leftovers) I didn't want to be cooking all day.  In Hawaii, Zippys and other restaurants, hotels, even supermarkets offer complete heat and serve meals and though I've never had them I've heard it was pretty goodSadly, none to be found around here.  The Man suggested a turkey breast and we found a Butterball turkey breast just under 5 lbs at Costco.  The selling point was we could make it in the slow cooker.   

The turkey breast looked pretty weird when I took it out of the wrapper.  I expected something that resembled a bird not a skinless mound of something.  I had my doubts but in the crockpot it went on a bed of quartered granny smith apples, onions, celery, a little salt and pepper and basted with melted butter.  I cooked it on high for one hour then turned it down to low for about 4 hours till it reached 165+ degrees.  Took it out and let it rest with a foil covering.  Surprise, it was delicious. Moist and perfectly seasoned.  In addition, I made 3 pumpkin pies (gave one away), fresh cranberry sauce, roasted brussel sprouts and The Man helped with the mashed potatoes.  We also got some ready-made turkey gravy a 2-pack so we could pour it on liberally.  I decided not to make stuffing though I bought some.  It was so good we forgot to take pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner.  Or the next night, Thanksgiving Dinner 2, which was just as wonderful.

Strange looking but so delicious.  Really.