Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Block Party

Finally got around to blocking the UFO's:

Two woven scarves made on the Cricket Loom:  DIC Smooshy 'Good Luck Jade' this was a reblock, I tried getting it softer by machine washing and drying but I didn't hang it up and it got wrinkled and creased so back in the Soak wash.  And, Malabrigo Sock yarn 'Rayon Vert' fresh off the loom.  (ETA 12/28/12 - Gifted to Tutu.  It's purple.)

Multnomah Shawlette #4 - Malabrigo Sock yarn 'Alcaucil'.

Ann Budd's top down socks - Knit Picks Essential 'Meadow Multi'.

Bramble Beret - Cascade 220 SW 'Ginger'. (ETA 12/20/12 - Gifted to Marie.  The Man said it made her look European.  Oui.)

And if that wasn't exciting enough I learned to drive the tractor:

The very patient John Deere rep, Galen